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A business forum by and for women to build Leadership, Empowerment, Aspiration and Promotion.

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We understand the challenges women go through in their pursuit of a fulfilling career and running a thriving business. We understand the frustrations and boredoms of mediocre work environments that lead to stagnation. We know what it’s like because we have been there.

We established The LEAP Network for women like you. Women who need a fresh burst of energy, freedom, a constant non-judgmental support group, expert advice on career and business issues and most of all; your personal fulfillment. At The LEAP Network we want women to succeed in life, find balance and sanity and most of all celebrate who they are and their gifts without apologizing for it.

At The LEAP Network you have a friend and a confidant who occasionally gives some tough love to get you back on track. This is where you say goodbye to all the excuses holding you back. This is where we hold our hands and together and TAKE the LEAP to success and personal fulfillment!

Welcome to The LEAP Network!

Turn your business challenges into opportunities95%
Grow your business network98%
Be part of a non-judgmental support group100%
Learn practical business tips100%
Get introductions to various top tier business experts95%
Enhance your inspiration to succeed96%
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ABout Renee.

Hi, I am Renee Blasky, founder and CEO of The LEAP Network. I am a CFA Charterholder and for close to 20 years, I have offered companies across East Africa business and financial strategy solutions through my consulting company. My promotion of the CFA Program in East Africa and the founding of a professional body now known as the CFA Society East Africa has earned me the moniker “Ms CFA”.

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About Renee.

But I wasn’t always the risk-taking entrepreneur. I learned the importance and benefits of risk taking while living on a sailboat for seven years. I spent two of the seven years sailing from Singapore to Kenya, which was a different ball game all together. The ocean is a completely unpredictable environment that teaches you how to anticipate, plan and adapt. That changed my life completely; I no longer fear risk, I embrace it.

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About Renee.

It has been a fascinating learning curve. In 1995, following a personal setback, I further realized life’s fulfillment was also in giving back to others. I mentored teens to set up their business as part of a nine-month program with Junior Achievement Kenya. It was fascinating watching the students create their product and sales strategy and emerge as the most successful student company in Junior Achievement Kenya’s history. After that, I knew I needed to spend more time sharing my experiences and expertise with others.

Passion. Dedition. Determination.

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