Vered Ehsani founder of Crazy to Calm

This month, the LEAP Network salutes Vered Ehsani . Vered is an accompished and critically acclaimed international author and founder of Crazy to Calm.
Crazy to Calm is a wellness company, on a mission to journey with you to overcome the overwhelm, so you can achieve a calmer mind. For the true secret to wholesome living, Vered's here to guide you.

1. When did you start Crazy to Calm?
Officially I started this year. Unofficially, I’ve been working toward this point for a few years.

2. How did you create a business centredaround wellness?
I’ve had an interest in wellness since forever. I’ve always enjoyed reading about it or taking mini courses online. Three years ago, I decided to get more serious about it, and took a certification course as a wellness educator. I decided to focus on stress management as I know first-hand how debilitating stress can be.

3. What are some of the challenges you have faced setting up your business?
There isn’t a ‘How to’ instruction manual on setting up a business in Kenya. So it’s a bit of learning as you go, which can create some expensive lessons. In addition, the Company Act has changed, yet not everything has been implemented, which adds to the confusion. Finding potential clients and engaging them is something I am still learning how to do.

4. How did you overcome those challenges?
It’s still in process! But consulting others who are a few steps ahead helps a lot. Hiring a business coach (Renee) has been a huge boost in helping me think about what lines of action I need to focus on.

5. You are an accomplished author. How do you balance your career as a writer and running crazy to calm?
I always leave an hour every morning for writing. The rest of the day is for other work.

6. Why is calmness so important in our day to day lives?
In brief: a calm metabolism is a healthy one! A calmer mind is a more creative and efficient one. Decisions made from a place of calm tend to be better than those made under pressure or in anger.

7. What are some simple things one can do to stay calm amidst the daily stress?
Set a time in the evening after which screens are put away and work stops; use that time to read, soak in a bath, go for a walk or anything else that is relaxing. Put a couple drops of Lavender Essential Oil on your hands and breathe over your cupped palms before bed. Have a nutritious breakfast.

8. How can one go about signing up for your classes?
Send me an email at [email protected] or call me (0722-328-297). Visit http://crazytocalm.biz/ to learn about the different courses.

9. How do you keep your customers engaged after a sale?
Take interest in what happens to them after the class – a follow-up email or phone call lets them know you care about them, not just their fee.

10. What are some of the most important lessons you have learnt in entrepreneurship?
It’s not all on you. You can and should reach out to others to assist you in your journey.

11. What can we expect next from CrazytoCalm?
Ultimately I would love to offer online courses, so that it’s easy for people to access them from anywhere. Even then, I would still do live sessions as there is so much energy created.

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