Training Programs

Each membership class gives you access to a varied number of five-session classes of up to 10 people in various programs.

Here are the programs The LEAP Network has created just for you! They are designed to ignite a LEAP of faith in yourself, and direct you on the path to endless possibility and opportunities.

About our programs

What's in store for each package

LEAP with Better Business Plans

(five two-hour classes)

What’s in store?

Here you’ll create a better business plan reflecting focus and clarity to attract customers and investors. And in turn refine your marketing strategy, with realistic and obtainable financial and business plans.

Who is it for?

You have grand business ideas, but they seem to be unclear and unfocused. And because of that you can’t seem to refine your marketing message, raise capital, or attract clients to your business. This Program is just for you.

LEAP Tools Available: Customer avatar worksheets, marketing plan templates, “Plant Your Business on a Page” template, financial modeling template, and company valuation exercises, with a one-hour one-on-one coaching session

Next session available: email [email protected] for details of the next class availability

LEAP to Fulfillment and Freedom

(five two-hour classes)

What’s in store?

This Program will help you see the greatness within yourself and harness it. This is where you stare the truth in the face with no more excuses. Your confidence will be restored and clarity renewed to finally see and celebrate your personal value, create realistic aspirations, put together a plan of execution and implementation to get it done!

Who is it for?

If you are struggling with personal insecurities, your confidence has also taken a beating, you feel a sense of non fulfillment and stagnation, this Program is just for you.

Next session available: email [email protected] for details of the next class availability.

LEAP for Adventure and Fun (LAF)

2 to 3 day Retreats outside of Nairobi

What’s in store?

You are in for a treat with LAF! These are guilt-free fun and adventurous retreats with women who understand the need for a little Tender Loving Care (TLC). It’s loads of fun and bonding. Say goodbye to stress and guilt, and say hello to self-care, laughter, making new friends, and growing a new support network. And that’s not all; you’ll also get to understand your risk tolerance levels and how to overcome these setbacks to embrace new opportunities.

Who is it for?

If you have a hard time taking time off from your commitments to your family and community without guilt, and you are constantly over worked and stressed; these retreats are for you! Have Fun trying new things and challenging yourself to stretch your limits. At the same time, meet many like-minded women who know the value of “girls just want to have fun”!

Email [email protected] to discover the next available Retreat dates and locations.

LEAP into Transition through Better Choices

(five two-hour sessions)

What’s in store?

This is your chance to learn how to make better decisions and choices without fear; determine your risk tolerance; learn how to get out of your comfort zone for personal and business/career growth. You will learn how to accept new opportunities when they present themselves without fear of change; learn when to say ‘no’, stay focused and live without regret. You will understand there is no such thing as a mistake if lessons are learned. You’ll also learn to accept higher levels of risk tolerance to expand personal and business/career growth.

Who is it for?

You may be afraid and wary of change, or making a mistake, which has made you miserable, bored, frustrated, unfulfilled; it’s caused you to miss out on new opportunities and stagnate. But thank to this LEAP Program you can finally get out of it and reach your full potential.

LEAP Tools Available: decision-making worksheets and exercises, exercises to nudge you outside your comfort zone, group coaching, one-on-one coaching.

LEAP into Tax and Cash Management

(five two-hour sessions)

What’s in store?

You’ll learn how to align your marketing plans, credit policies, tax obligations, advantageous policies and business practices to grow your business.

Who is it for?

This is for all new entrepreneurs; this Program will guide you through your tax obligations and help you manage your cash flow effectively to profit! You’ll also learn just how your marketing and credit plan is sabotaging your business.

LEAP Tools Available: Cash management templates, tax schedules, tax guidelines and more.



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